Terminal Info

General cargo, container and Ro-Ro services are rendered at the Kumport terminal where all the procedures and operations are supported by the Terminal Operations System.
Terminal Area 402.115m2
Terminal Annual Capacity 2.100.000 TEU
Ground Slot Number 8.994 TEU
Number of Reefer Plugs 750
Number of Gates 3

Yard Area

CFS 10.000m2
Bonded Warehouse 6.700m2
Unbonded Warehouse 30.270m2
Unbonded CFS 10.040m2
Pier NoLengthWidthDepthService
440 m40 m16,5 mContainer
422 m35 m16,5 mContainer
422 m35 m14,0 mContainer
370 m35 m15,0 mContainer/General Cargo
370 m35 m12,0 mContainer/General Cargo
150 m40 m9,0 mGeneral Cargo

Machinery Park

TypeTrademarkModelNumberPlacement CapacityLifting Capacity
SSGZPMC-----------422 Row Outreach 55 Ton / Twinlift
SSGZPMC-----------320 Row Outreach 55 Ton / Twinlift
MHCLiebherrLHM 550118 Row Outreach104 Ton / Twinlift
MHCLiebherrLHM 500418 Row Outreach104 Ton / Twinlift
MHCLiebherrLHM 320112 Row Outreach104 Ton
MHCLiebherrLHM 25018 Row Outreach64 Ton

Yard Equipment

TypeTrademarkNumberPlacement CapacityLifting Capacity
RTGKalmar47+1 wide, 5+1 high40 Ton
RTGKalmar87+1 wide, 6+1 high40 Ton
RTGZPMC87+1 wide, 6+1 high40 Ton
CRSFantuzzi(3)/Kalmar(5)/SMV(2)/Linde(7)17-------------------------45 Ton
ECHFantuzzi(1)/Kalmar (1)2-------------------------8 Ton
ECHLinde2-------------------------9 Ton
YTTKalmar Ottawa24-------------------------70 Ton
YTTKalmar Terberg35-------------------------65 Ton
TCCSeyitusta Meral Kasa/Buiscar68-------------------------68 Ton