Introduction and History


Kumport Terminal is ideally located on the European Side of Istanbul 22 miles West of the Bosphorous Straits on coordinates Lat 40° 58’ N Long 028° 41’ E with directly access to E5 and TEM highway. Kumport is one of leading ports of Turkey with closing to the Marmara Region which plays an important role in Turkish economy. 

Kumport Container Terminal, which one have operated since 1994 in Ambarlı Port Complex, has become one of the largest and modern ports of Turkey as a result of the recent high increase in turn over along with the investments in human resources and modern technology. Our terminal located in a an important area in the Marmara Region realizes a large portion of the county’s foreign trade and acts as an important commercial gateway for the export and import activities of the nation. Kumport is getting continue to improve and recover the services presented to its customer with the awareness that the terminal exists as an important actor for the region and hinterland and its high capacity and potential. Kumport terminal aims to provide a benefit to Turkey’s economy as well as secure customer satisfaction by means of qualified human resources, upgraded machinery park and terminal automation systems to support high turnover.

Kumport, which has reached  1.700.000 TEU per annual container handling  capacity at the end of 2011 with investments, has been increased to 2.100.000 TEU per annual.


Become leader port operator in Turkey.


Become a logistics hub in the region for global container liner shipping industry, provide port and terminal services with outstanding standards and create sustainable values to our stakeholders.


Kumport started to provide terminal sevices in the year 1994 with general and bulk cargo in the beginning and in 1996 commenced handling containers. Especially with vessel calls of world known line names such as Maersk and Turkon, Kumport transformed into a container handling terminal. In the year 2011 Kumport was Turkey’s third largest terminal and first in import container handling. Since 2002 the rapid increasing trend in turnover was met simultaneously with investment in terminal equipment and technology.

The Terminal Operating System was inaugarated in 2002 and all available functionalty was utilized in 2005. With the procurement of 2 cranes in 2008 and one more in 2010 the vessel crane number reached 9. In 2009 8 Kalmar RTG’s were purchased and in March 2011 3 SSG’s were rendered to service. In october 2012 4 new SSG’s and 8 more RTG’s were ordered. Paralel to the increase in terminal capacity the berths and basin were deepened to -16.5m to cater for the safe berthing of ever growing size of vessels.

In May 2007 %96.6 of Kumport Terminal Services was aquired by the partnership of Fiba Holding and Turkon with subsidiaries Kumport Petrol and Kumport Terminal Administration. At the end of 2008 shares held by Turkon were transferred to Fiba Holding.

Fiba Holding sold its 35% share of Kumport Port Services  to SGRF (Oman State Fund) in 2011.

Majority share of Kumport Port Seriveces were acquired by tripple consortium that is COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited, China Merchants Port Holdings Co. Ltd. and China Investment Cooperation (CIC) in 2015.